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two weeks ago i bought an apartment building in memphis and it was my largest purchase ever! a lot of you guys have bee - 2175736057522041590

 image by Antoine Martel (@martelantoine) with caption : "two weeks ago i bought an apartment building in memphis and it was my largest purchase ever!

a lot of you guys have bee" - 2175736057522041590

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5200 a month mortgage? How much are you putting down 40%??

Jonathan Jee (@jonjacobjinglehimerschmit) Instagram Profile Photo jonjacobjinglehimerschmit

quick question, what’s the reponsibiloties of property management, do they bring in rentees and manage the property too?

Daner (@kingdaner) Instagram Profile Photo kingdaner

Great post and CONGRATS!! As a buyer anything between 10-15% ROI πŸ’ͺ = very attractive move fast to DD. Any deal marketed above 15% means do some deeper DD on the deal AND the area around the deal. Always do your own due diligence anyway as an investor

Des Hendry (@deshendry) Instagram Profile Photo deshendry

From rockin all the new spizikes at bowditch to owning properties! I see you player! Keep up the good work! Glad to see someone from middle school successful.

 (@geezy650) Instagram Profile Photo geezy650

This is absolutely amazing!! Congrats on the purchase!!

LivewithBrittany (@livewithbrittany) Instagram Profile Photo livewithbrittany

Awesome content

WallStreet Fight Club (@wallstfightclub) Instagram Profile Photo wallstfightclub

Do you plan to refinance and pull equity back out?

RJanoe (@rjanoe) Instagram Profile Photo rjanoe

What do you think it will appraise for after you renovate?

Rupesh Singh (@rupeshsingh_) Instagram Profile Photo rupeshsingh_

Forgot to ask what type improvements and What was the most pressing?

Eddie Mo (@mora316) Instagram Profile Photo mora316

What’s the rent at acquisition (before the 500k improvements) and what was Rent per door after?

Eddie Mo (@mora316) Instagram Profile Photo mora316