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All in favor of going to the beach this weekend, please raise your paw! The first time Arlo ever went to the beach it wa - 2172064680713194882

 image by Bryce LaDuc (@laducb) with caption : "All in favor of going to the beach this weekend, please raise your paw!
The first time Arlo ever went to the beach it wa" - 2172064680713194882

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Your wekeend looked amazing! And so cool reading about Arlo (love seeing him in your stories bouncing up and down as well). It's so good that he finally has a proper dog life!

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Have a fun weekend! Can’t wait to see the photos ☺️

Adventure Dog Ivy (@ivyinthewild) Instagram Profile Photo ivyinthewild

Awww 😍

BaileysBestLife (@baileysverybestlife) Instagram Profile Photo baileysverybestlife

Airstreams: the Vanagon of the RV world. 👏🏼have a great time!

Chris Hawthorne (@brokensolenoid) Instagram Profile Photo brokensolenoid

That sounds great! Have a fabulous weekend!

Beverly Brennan-Overberg (@mtndog28) Instagram Profile Photo mtndog28

Oh man! Such fun! You will become addicted to our beloved silver cocoons! Hope you all have an amazing time! I know Arlo and Finn will have a blast‼️💙💪

Road Dawgs (@dawgsontheroad) Instagram Profile Photo dawgsontheroad

Heading to Portland!! Sans the pups though ☹️

Noodle (@noodsterscootster) Instagram Profile Photo noodsterscootster

Have the best time on the coast! We are headed on an adventure ourselves. Safe travels ♥️

Delilah & Resa / Always Wander (@alwayswandertogether) Instagram Profile Photo alwayswandertogether

Wow! That sounds like my Nikita. Pulls like banana away from the waves. She too, having been tied to a fence the 1st year of her life, missed out like Arlo on just “being a dog.” Unfortunately we don’t get to the beach often but I still try to work her into the water ( & the other 2 as well!) so they can get a feel of how awesome it is! You have such patience and the proof is in the Arlo happiness he exhibits on the beach. What a lucky puppy!

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