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If you care about the planet Follow US and join the mission to end plastic pollution!🌎

Did you know every single year more than 1 billion animals die due to the fur trade? ☠ . In many cases the deaths are no - 2172001488885798907

 image by Zero Plastic (@zeroxplastic) with caption : "Did you know every single year more than 1 billion animals die due to the fur trade? ☠
In many cases the deaths are no" - 2172001488885798907

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support indigenous folks/other cultures using fur tho !

ambi (´。• ω •。`) (@dreamykittie) Instagram Profile Photo dreamykittie

Leather next, please

A (@alowx__) Instagram Profile Photo alowx__

Gucci still uses real leather tho

alegna priv/spam acc (@lowkeyalegna) Instagram Profile Photo lowkeyalegna

Zara uses feather inside their winter coats though

Dib (@steffendib) Instagram Profile Photo steffendib

im actually not that ok with it. Let's take rabbit fur e.x. These animals get laughered for food alot. So basically why not use all of it instead of dumping it? When I don't kill them just for fur but to use all of it, meat etc. Im fine with it. So basically there could be rabbits that life a wonderful ecological life and then get killed for meat. well let's use the fur too. What else? Alternatives are mostly made out of plastic. not so good for the environment. So you can not just say NO FUR without thinking it completely through. Of course I don't know any company that uses fur from animals from food industry etc. but yet it's theoretically correct

Sebastian Kluge (@mitsebastianwachsen) Instagram Profile Photo mitsebastianwachsen

Shit, most of my polos and jackets are from Ralph Lauren, doesn’t knew, that they use fur...

Benedikt von Görbitz (@bndkt_1105) Instagram Profile Photo bndkt_1105

This Fendi is poppin...

 (@pdx_562) Instagram Profile Photo pdx_562

@kamii.martineez ser vegano implica no USAR animales tambien...

Diego (@diegocardenas_003) Instagram Profile Photo diegocardenas_003

C&A did it also since a long time 👍

ZZ TT XX (@toc_ipso_factice) Instagram Profile Photo toc_ipso_factice

I expect more reasonable priced products since fur is banned

Lily (@lilochanger) Instagram Profile Photo lilochanger