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Dang! That lady looks strong, fierce, and determined. And she is! But she’s also full of insecurities, regret and sham - 2169462738362122648

 Instagram Image by N A T A L I E (@coachnat_mulcock) with caption : "Dang! That lady looks strong, fierce, and determined.

And she is!

But she’s also full of insecurities, regret and sham" at Rockwell Crossfit - 2169462738362122648

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Guapa dama❣️❣️😃

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Lovely words!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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Nice picture

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The one time I met you, my first class at F45 Farmington and I told you some of my story about losing weight and why but still having a long way to go, you were so supportive. And I thought “man, I wish she’d be coaching every class I take or just coaching me even!” You’re awesome! But then I messed up my bad knee after 2 weeks and haven’t been able to go back because of physical therapy. Hopefully soon! But knowing what it’s like to be judged as a big girl my whole life, I try not to judge anyone. I don’t know their story and journey anymore than they know mine. I started taking Pilates thinking it might help me and so everyone in the class is a beginner. One lady that chose the reformer across from mine was definitely judging me and it kinda. sucked. Sorry you have to watch my fat ass try to do this lady, but deal with it! I’m trying to stay focused and motivated!

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You’re the best I love this message

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I think everyone is guilt of judging, even if it wasn’t intentional. I love your reminders that everyone has a story. You are so strong and a great example of the good in the world. 💞

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