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What we really need is anyone out there in the world who has any talent in Filmmaking I need you to do this.....I want someone to make a movie or 30-60 minutes short film about: Climate Change, Gun Violence, Depression, People Dying, Our Justice, Our Right, Protestors, Racism, Many of the Cops who f’’king ignite us with teargas, and all the negative things in life....It has to be a story of someone who goes through a very tragic part in life: (shooting at a school, protest, depression, suicidal tendencies, Man Slaughter, Basically when the shooting, or protest, in the film is happening, the violence is really in your face, and doesn’t shy away from the things that viewers would dread to see in a film. For example, you don't want to see a helpless little boy, surrounded by teargas, (or being shot at a school right in your face) slowly dying. Even though the audience doesn't want to see that, they still show it because it gives you a sense of how horrifying the reality was for the characters and the world. It's scarier than any other film.....there has to be many sound effects....such as sirens 🚨....screaming distortion but really loud backwards....also having that epic kind of backing subwoofer bass.🔊 you can here the sound effects I just mentioned....speed up moving from each speaker faster and faster.....the subwoofer bass 🔊 has to have the room shaking with extremely low frequency......the film has to be incredibly emotional, I want every human in this planet to walk out shivering like if they got off the biggest rolller coaster in the world........also I want an incredible sad score made by either: James Newton Howard....Hans Zimmer....or Graeme Revell......... if you know anyone who has any power over any filmmaker in the world.....PLEASE!!!! IF I HAD ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD I WOULD GIVE IT TO YOU!!!! This has to be done ✌️

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