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The Americans

is an @fxnetworks drama starring Keri Russell & Matthew Rhys as undercover KGB spies during the Cold War.


Repost via @goldenglobes - The Americans (@TheAmericansFX) - Best Television Series - Drama. Photo by Paola Kudacki (@pa - 1951261025073692992

 image by The Americans (@theamericansfx) with caption : "Repost via @goldenglobes - The Americans (@TheAmericansFX) - Best Television Series - Drama. Photo by Paola Kudacki (@pa" - 1951261025073692992

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Just a shout out to one of the most excellent shows ever made. I just finished the series(later bloomer here) and was absolutely mesmerized. The writing, the actors the story...Thank you so much. PS, I know you may disagree, but I think a movie to update where they are and their beliefs future wise after the fall of the Berlin, where are Paige and Henry, Elizabeth & Phillip still together..And what about Martha and Stan. We love these characters so much. A follow up is a must!!!

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Berlin Wall that is

 (@homeatlastfarmnh) Instagram Profile Photo homeatlastfarmnh

Just finished all the seasons and I’m so sad. Make a new season!

Sammy Reynolds (@sammyreynolds1017) Instagram Profile Photo sammyreynolds1017

Just finished the series...so sad to say goodbye to these characters!!!

Rocpoet (@rocpoet_) Instagram Profile Photo rocpoet_

One of the best shows with a phenomenal cast... Finished watching the series finale couple min ago.... The ending 😭.. Man I'm emotional....

Shradha Dutta (@dutta.shradha) Instagram Profile Photo dutta.shradha

Also, they would ofc try to contact their kids.... I ain't ready to believe they won't... Henry 😭

Shradha Dutta (@dutta.shradha) Instagram Profile Photo dutta.shradha

Just finished binge watching this series after putting it off for a few years. Keri, Rhys (and the rest of the crew) — well done

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You can just have an Instagram and stop posting. When will y'all start the spin off production?

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Do a movie with the Jennings all reunited now that travel is possible to Russia and catch up with Martha who has a grown daughter. And finish Oleg’s story for us. Not to much to ask.....

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